Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
17.-20. Feb 2020: Workshops and Unconference


Peter Gietz (DAASI International)
Profile Picture Peter Gietz, Master of Arts (Magister Artium) in Cultural Studies, is the founder and CEO of DAASI International. As he has been active in the fields of information technology since 1985, he became an internationally recognized expert for directory services. His current interests include Digital Humanities, Identity Management, X.500, LDAP, PKI, metadata and ontologies. He is a frequently invited guest at conferences and events for talks about the latest identity management technologies and developments of the Digital Humanities and is actively participating in the projects DARIAH-DE and AARC. Furthermore, Peter Gietz is engaged in numerous standardization committees and was involved in the creation of measure catalogues for the German Federal Office for Information Security.
Katarina Valalikova (Evolveum)
Profile Picture Katarina graduated from the Slovak Technical University with a master degree in Software Engineering. At the time she works for Evolveum as a Java developer. She is a part of a core development team of midPoint, open source identity management and governance system.
Radovan Semančík (Evolveum)
Profile Picture Radovan graduated from the Slovak Technical University with a master degree in Software Engineering and PhD degree. At the time he works as a software architect at Evolveum. His main areas of interest are digital identity and distributed systems architecture. He designed one of the first full-scale identity management deployments in Central Europe and provided key consulting services to many more comprehensive identity management solutions. He is an open-source project contributor and participates in several software development projects. He currently dedicates most of his time to lead the midPoint project. He is Apache Foundation committer.