Session 16 <Cooperation of open source identity management products> (14:15/Room K1)

Convener: Igor Farinic

Abstract:How to make it possible to integrate indentity management source from different space for costumers?

Tags: Open source


Working group.

The idea behind the product:

The basic idea is to be open-source. So it's like an alternative tool.

Describe the first steps:

- similar idea

"We are trying to do it for enterprises as well"

Internet2 TIER

Missing provision capability

Most important:

Spherical cow group
– well connected to TIER.

"When you're sitting here you are providing very good software.

Different aspect to this.

How the customers will see this? Not only companies but the individuals as well.


Open id connector, vendors support the project. There is no point of projects joining the eco-system.

Important: promise.

Most companies are promising that we'll make it work together.

Too many combinations in different projects to test out every combination.

Initiatives such as TIER? The idea behind it and the motivation is a different one.

Provide the best open-source experience ever!

TIER- sustainable funding to keep the project going; identity management stack?

Different sustainability- small company, getting money from customers to get bugs fixed.

Common aim:  

The TIER group can become a member of the Eco-system/group.

Q: What's the path/pattern? To branding?

A: Providing an STML.

Most of the projects are not really TIER related.