Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
Feb 2020: Workshops and Unconference


David Chadwick
Profile Picture David has published widely, with over 150 publications, and is actively involved in standards’ meetings, being the BSI lead representative to ISO/ITU-T X.500, the author of 2 Internet RFCs and an invited expert to the W3C Verifiable Credentials Working Group. He specialises in identity management, policy-based authorisation, privacy protection, the management of trust, and cloud security.
Alberto Crespo (ATOS)
Profile Picture Head of Identity & Privacy Laboratory at Atos Research & Innovation, managing a multi-disciplinary information security research team which has been/is involved on several security-related national and European projects (IDENTICA, Segur@, Thofu, PICOS, SEMIRAMIS, MobiGuide, DAPHNE, MoveUS, PACT, PRIPARE, STORK, STORK 2.0, STRATEGIC, FutureID, FIDES, FIDES2, PIME, ABC4EU, SSEDIC, WITDOM, PRISMACLOUD, CREATE-IoT, LIGHTest, ARIES, LEPS, ESMO, FENTEC, CREDENTIAL and PAPAYA). He has several years of professional experience in information security projects across Europe which encompass, among others, trust and privacy applied to complex Identity and Access Management projects, credential and access control systems development and analysis (including anti-fraud solutions based on biometrics and international standards is smart cross-border access control settings with secure travel and identity documents).
Peter Gietz (DAASI International)
Profile Picture Peter Gietz, Master of Arts (Magister Artium) in Cultural Studies, is the founder and CEO of DAASI International. As he has been active in the fields of information technology since 1985, he became an internationally recognized expert for directory services. His current interests include Digital Humanities, Identity Management, X.500, LDAP, PKI, metadata and ontologies. He is a frequently invited guest at conferences and events for talks about the latest identity management technologies and developments of the Digital Humanities and is actively participating in the projects DARIAH-DE and AARC. Furthermore, Peter Gietz is engaged in numerous standardization committees and was involved in the creation of measure catalogues for the German Federal Office for Information Security.
Harri Honko
Profile Picture Honko has a M.Sc. degree in signal processing and has been conducting technology research, management and strategy at Nokia Corporation during 1995-2010. He has business and R&D leadership experience with PHR-integrated mobile services, digital service design, cloud computing frameworks and agile software development. He has knowledge on identity, access, authorisation and privacy engineering technology via the MyData research management he has conducted at the Finnish Digital Health Revolution programme during years 2014-17. His current interests include health information systems and data standards and emerging Personal Health Record platforms, MyData architecting and data interoperability frameworks, IaaS (Identity as a Service) and DaaS (Data as a Service) solutions. He holds two patents. He is also co-founder and head of product at Wellness Warehouse Engine Ltd, a wellness data brokering service (W2E).
Walter Hötzendorfer
Profile Picture Dr. Walter Hötzendorfer is Senior Researcher and Senior Consultant at the Research Institute – Digital Human Rights Center in Vienna. He has degrees in law as well as in IT (business informatics/information systems) and practical experience in scientific research, consulting, legal counseling, software engineering, and process management. From 2011 to 2016 he was a Researcher at the University of Vienna Centre for Computers and Law, where he worked in several national and international research projects and did a PhD on Data Protection and Privacy by Design in Federated Identity Management. Since 2012, Walter has been advising the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Identity Federation Authority in establishing a Federation Governance Framework and Policy. His research interests span data protection law, privacy by design, privacy engineering, data protection management, identity management, public security, information security, cloud computing, telecommunication and the legal aspects of these and other fields of ICT.
Janne Lauros (Géant GN4-2 JRA3 Task 3, CSC)
Profile Picture Janne is an application engineer interested in anything related to OpenID Connect, SAML2, Shibboleth and other SAML2 products, Identity Federations, Authorization, Smart Cards. Using mostly technologies like Java, Spring, Vagrant, Ansible and Vaadin 8. Currently developing user authorization and Shibboleth IdP 3 extensions.
Slávek Licehammer (CESNET)
Profile Picture Employee of CESNET and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic; focused on AAI design and implementation. Member of the team responsible for the development and operation of open source identity and access management system Perun.
Peter Pfläging (
Profile Picture Peter Pfläging has a long experience as ICT architect in the governmental and healthcare environment. He lead-authored the specification of the Austrian governmental federation protocols (PVP). Now he works as a private consultant for large organisations in ICT architecture and agility. He operates his own cloud service for agility and has written a new method for agile teams. This also has a connect to federated identities.
Radovan Semančík (Evolveum)
Profile Picture Radovan graduated from the Slovak Technical University with a master degree in Software Engineering and PhD degree. At the time he works as a software architect at Evolveum. His main areas of interest are digital identity and distributed systems architecture. He designed one of the first full-scale identity management deployments in Central Europe and provided key consulting services to many more comprehensive identity management solutions. He is an open-source project contributor and participates in several software development projects. He currently dedicates most of his time to lead the midPoint project. He is Apache Foundation committer.
Jacoba Sieders (ABN AMRO/NL)
Profile Picture Jacoba is an all-round Digital Identity and Information Security expert. She has 17 years of experience in the international finance industry, in technology, governance, consultancy, implementation and relevant legal aspects. Today, she is accountable for digital identity services and access control for customers, employees and partners to ABNAMRO’s data, transactions, and infrastructure. Major topics on her agenda today are ABAC, data centric security, API-banking, PSDII requirements, and the interaction of IAM tools with the rest of the bank’s cybersecurity landscape, including the new authentication concept for which ABNAMRO is acquiring a patent. Her special interests are legal requirements impacting digital identity, such as the GDPR, the e-IDAS scheme, KYC and AML legislation, and digital signing. Jacoba is presenting on these topics regularly. She holds a master degree in Classics from Leiden University (Greek, Latin, Hebrew).
Jon Shamah (Chair, EEMA)
Profile Picture European eID Subject Matter Expert. Roles at Hitachi, McDonnell Information Systems, Thales, CoreStreet, and NETS, spanning over 15 years involvement in Identity Management and Transaction Security. Specialising in the business exploitation of technologies related to Identity, Privacy and Trust, especially in critical national infrastructures and large scale programs for the European Union.
Oskar van Deventer (TNO)
Profile Picture Dr. M. Oskar van Deventer is senior scientist on blockchain networking and self-sovereign identity. His focus is on public-private R&D partnerships, European collaborative R&D projects and international standards. He is active contributor to international standards bodies (Hyperledger, ISO, MPEG, HbbTV, DVB, …). Oskar is assigned member of the Economic Advisory Council of Sovrin, the world-leading blockchain for self-sovereign identity. Oskar is also leading several projects on blockchain and self-sovereign identity in the Techruption program, a Dutch private-public partnership on admintech. He is author of one book, more than 150 publications, over 80 patent applications, over 700 standardization contributions and he holds a Guinness world record.
Kai Wagner
Profile Picture Kai Wagner is responsible for partnership development and strategy at Jolocom, a Berlin based Blockchain and identity startup. In addition to his role at Jolocom,he is active in the German Blockchain Association where he is working on digital identity standardization and data privacy, representing the Association internationally.He is driven by the vision of an open standards based decentralized identity layer that is based on cooperation – thereby enabling novel business models for the web that respect individuals rights to their data.
Robin Wilton (Technical Outreach Director - Identity and Privacy, Internet Society)
Profile Picture Robin Wilton brings 28 years of industry experience to the role of Technical Outreach Director for Identity and Privacy, in the Internet Society’s Trust and Identity Initiatives group. Since 2001 he has specialised in digital identity, privacy and public policy, building a reputation as a thought leader, communicator and translator between different stakeholder groups. Before joining the Internet Society Robin spent two years as a research analyst in Gartner’s Identity and Privacy Strategies team, where – in addition to his privacy work - he specialised in public key infrastructure, electronic signature, single sign-on and federated identity.
Thomas Zeinzinger (Head of the board,
Profile Picture Thomas Zeinzinger is Co-Founder of the BlockchainHub Graz as well as the cooperative lab10 collective eG. He has studied Materials Science in Leoben / Austria and gathered experience in various leading positions in the automotive and energy business. His current job title ‘Talkative Doer’ points to his passions: inspiring people for the potential of blockchain, develop visions for a better world, and implementing them right away. The lab10 collective has several projects but the ARTIS blockchain and the Minerva wallet are especially focusing on data ownership and privacy in connection with self-sovereign identity.