Trust and Internet Identity Meeting Europe
11-14 Feb 2019: Workshops and Unconference


Patrick Curry: “Business Cases for Trust & Identity Federation”

Requirements for trust and identity federation are becoming more complex and demanding. The basics are the same in every case, but their architectures vary to meet different functional and user requirements. We explore the increasing need to reuse identity in more use cases and in more ways, to reduce costs and risk, and see how this leads to new collaborative opportunities for wider interoperability and greater shared benefits.


Ralf Schlatterbeck, Thomas Warwaris: “From Trust to (P)ownership. Establishing Trust for IoT and User Devices.”

The IoT is based on constrained devices with limited crypto capabilities. The requirement to secure device to device communication is a fundamental challenge. This talk presents some concepts and their pitfalls. Not only in IoT, but with any user devices, the trust assumptions require scrutiny. Trusted computing and DRM (digital restriction management) include trust relationships to different stakeholders who might not be the user.